hoomy, no. 1 in holiday home management

At hoomy, we love holidays and the houses that go with them, happy owners and guests with smiles on their faces, France's beautiful northwest and urban adventures, working in a team and working to music! Find out more about our company!

The wonderful story of hoomy

  • Drawing on the rental experience in Spain

    Summer after summer, when Thierry Violleau, the Happy Founder of hoomy, rented houses for his holidays on the French coast, he experienced the same disappointments: an almost non-existent welcome and very average quality of the rented properties. In Spain, the experience was totally different, with access to highly developed concierge services and excellent hospitality.

  • 2010: the beginnings of the project

    By 2010, Thierry was already imagining what hoomy would be like. At a time when no one else was taking an interest in the overall management of holiday homes, he was thinking about a comprehensive solution for owners of second homes. That’s how the idea of hoomy and its range of services came about.

  • 2017: the big launch

    In 2017, the company was created and the first employees recruited. Starting from a blank sheet of paper with only a concept, an idea, a vision, they “learned by doing” without an understanding of all the aspects of this new profession. In March 2018, the first contract was signed. A month later, the first advert was online and by May 2018, the first booking had been confirmed. We were off!

  • And now?

    Today, with more than 110 employees and nearly 750 properties under management, hoomy continues to grow with a single goal in mind: helping customers get the full potential out of their second properties! Gone are the days of closed shutters and cold beds – second homes are finally getting a new lease of life, and it’s a win-win situation!

Our values

  • Expertise

    Because we put our expertise to work for holiday homes
  • Active listening

    To continue building hoomy together, thanks to the collective intelligence of our staff
  • Agility

    To respond to changing expectations in a rapidly evolving and increasingly professionalised market
  • Confidence

    Because we are a team that is open, approachable and committed within a reliable company

Surrounding ourselves with the right people


Our added value? Knowing how to surround ourselves with the right people so that we can look at holiday homes from all sides! That’s why we recruit people with different backgrounds and skills. We have also developed a long-term network of partners who are experts in their fields, like the CLF network.

Thanks to our expertise and that of our partners, we can help get the full potential out of secondary properties!

Focusing on people

Collective intelligence

At hoomy, we believe in collective intelligence and have therefore chosen to put people at the heart of the company. We work together, we exchange ideas and we grow together. All with kindness and good humour 🙂

To ensure our growth, we recruit and train more than 20 employees a year, from all different backgrounds. With just one thing in common: curiosity!

Giving meaning


hoomy is a team of more than 70 expert and committed professionals who all share the same desire: to be part of a business venture with a meaningful purpose. Both at our head office in Nantes and in the various areas we cover, we are proud to play an active role in changing the holiday home management market for the better.

Our credo? Let every member of staff fulfil their potential through innovative and useful work!

  • Antoine

    Rental Division Manager

  • SĂ©verine

    Happy Information System Division Manager

  • HĂ©lène

    Happy Concierge in Concarneau

Our hoomers say it best

  • « I get a lot of satisfaction from working at hoomy because I’m really happy to go to work in the morning, which is something I’d never had before! I love the challenge! We’ve made impressive progress over the last three years, but there’s still so much to do. I find it exciting and really stimulating. »
  • « At hoomy, I’m learning a lot, both about property-related skills and the running of a fast-growing company. I really feel like I’m making a contribution every day, and that’s both stimulating and rewarding. »
  • « When I arrived in Pont-l’AbbĂ©, I had already thought about becoming a concierge for the owners of holiday homes. hoomy allowed me to make this dream come true, to fulfil my potential and to invest myself completely in my work, with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages. »