Additional services

Thanks to our network of trusted partners, we are able to offer you a range of additional services to boost your rental income and enhance the value of your second home.
  • Property improvement

    We can help you to enhance the value of your property to attract more guests and therefore boost rental income.
  • Property protection

    Our local concierges and insurance created specifically for owners of holiday homes give you greater peace of mind.
  • Financial advice

    Our expert partners can provide financial and tax advice relating to your property.

Adding value to your second home

We help you to improve your property and increase its value so that you can offer your guests accommodation that is in line with their needs. The better your property meets guests’ expectations, the more it will be rented, and therefore the greater your rental income. We’ll support you through each step of your refurbishment project.

If necessary, we contact our trusted tradespeople and organise the work. Our local concierge is on hand for the duration of the work to check that everything is going according to plan. Our decorating and refurbishment expert usually opts to use home staging to modernise your second home with furniture you already have or low-cost decorative items.

The idea is also that you feel at home in your holiday home.

Protecting your property

Our local concierges monitor your holiday home while you’re away. You will be informed of any damage caused by bad weather, for example. Their regular visits and the hoomy sign on the front of the house are both deterrents to potential burglars. With hoomy, your property benefits from tailored care and thorough protection!

To make sure you'll always be able to enjoy your holiday home, we have teamed up with Le Finistère Assurance to offer you the first insurance policy specifically designed for property owners who rent out their second homes.

Your home is insured whether it’s occupied by you or guests or uninhabited! Specific, tailored cover:

  • Cover for loss of rental income after a fire or water damage for income that should have been received from short-term letting through hoomy.
  • Anti-vandalism extended to cover damage caused by guests.
  • Cover of thefts committed by guests of items located in locked rooms.
  • Cover of thefts where there is no break-in if keys handed out by the concierge have been lost or stolen.
  • Civil liability insurance for the provision of equipment.

Amarris Immo can help you with tax and legal requirements

Pay as little as €0 in tax with Amarris Immo! You can trust them to handle all tax matters related to your furnished rental property.

A rental income specialist, Amarris Immo offers you a complete service, the costs of which are deductible from the tax on your income. Whether you're a property investor or a landlord, we can support you with everything relating to the taxation of your rental properties.

Because there’s nothing secondary about your property

  • Enhancement of property value

    We can suggest improvements to boost the attractiveness of your property: assessment, renovation work, home staging, etc.
  • Thorough protection

    Regular visits from our concierge and a hoomy sign on the front of your property give you greater peace of mind.
  • Tailored insurance

    Take advantage of the first insurance policy designed specifically for property owners who rent out their second homes.
  • Tax advice

    Pay as little as €0 in tax thanks to our partner, who will help you with the tax requirements related to your property.

Do you have a question about our services?

  • Is insuring a second home compulsory?

    You can extend the cover provided by a comprehensive home insurance policy to include your second home. If you rent out your property as a holiday home, we strongly recommend that you take out landlord insurance to cover your short-term rental activity. But remember that not all insurance policies are created equal. Take a good look at what is covered before making your choice. You can contact our insurance partner, SIPAC, to find out more and get a quote for your property 🙂

  • Do I have to declare my property?

    Yes, declaring your second home as a short-term rental property is compulsory. This must be done at the one-stop shop on the INPI website within 15 days of starting to rent out your property.

  • Will the new ‘anti-Airbnb’ law affect me?

    France's 2024 Finance Law is already having an impact on holiday lettings, notably because of the change to the way the micro-BIC tax regime is applied. The new ‘anti-Airbnb’ law, which has passed its first reading in the French National Assembly, is due to be debated by the Senate in the coming weeks. Read our article on the changes coming in 2024 🙂

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    Owner of a holiday home in Commequiers (Vendée)

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  • « We have high fixed costs due to the land, the swimming pool, maintenance, etc. To recoup these expenses, we’ve got into the habit of renting it out. hoomy is a practical choice that gives us peace of mind. »

Take everything off your plate!

hoomy takes care of your holiday home: from advertising to taxes, property improvement and protection.