Rental management services

As a major player in holiday home management, we have a range of services developed by our team of experts to support you in the rental management of your property. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything to maximise your chances of securing guests!

Our personalised rental management services

  • Advertising your property on multiple pl

    We place your advert on our platform and those of our partners, such as Airbnb, Booking, Abritel, Leboncoin, etc.
  • Designing your rental advert

    We create and optimise your advert to increase its visibility and maximise your chances of securing guests.
  • Managing booking requests

    We manage all rental requests; we support and advise travellers in their search.
  • Managing customer reviews

    We collect customer reviews on the various platforms and respond to them quickly.
  • Guest management

    Managing deposits, arranging check-ins… We handle your guests' stays from the moment they book.

An optimised rental advert

Creation and approval of your advert

Your rental advert is a key factor in maximising your chances of securing guests. It must contain details such as the description and features of the property, photos, availability and rates, and SEO criteria must be met to ensure you get good visibility. The aim? To convince potential guests that your property is THE ideal holiday rental!

A high-performance rental strategy

Advertising your property on multiple platforms

Once the advert has been created, it's time to think about rental strategy. We work with you to establish a rate for your property during the high season. We then put in place the appropriate rules to help you achieve your rental income targets. Finally, once your ad has been fully configured, we publish it on our platform and those of our partners (Airbnb, Abritel, Booking, etc.).

Booking calendar management

Managing booking requests

We optimise your booking calendar by responding carefully to all rental requests for your property. We help travellers find what they are looking for and answer any questions they may have. Good news: you can view all your bookings in your secure online owner area!

Preparation from the moment guests book

Guest management

Each time travellers book a stay in your property, we manage the administrative side: deposits and payments, security deposits, contracts, etc. Our team quickly contacts your guests to see how we can best prepare for their stay (optional services, arrival time, etc.).

Optimised management of customer reviews

Collection and management of customer reviews

These days, customer reviews are a real asset for your holiday home: they can really boost its popularity as they reassure future guests, making it easier for them to take the plunge and make a booking. At hoomy, we collect customer reviews on the various platforms and respond to them quickly.

You stay at home; we’ll take care of everything!

  • Maximised rental income

    Your rental rates and occupancy rate are optimised in real time using Flexyprix, a 100%-hoomy solution, to boost your rental income.
  • Concierges close to your property

    Our Happy Concierges live locally and know their areas well. They provide professional services to ensure that every property is monitored and maintained.
  • An optimised guest experience

    Our multilingual travel advisors help travellers before, during and after their stays: help with research, additional services, customer reviews, customer loyalty, etc.
  • Peace of mind about your property

    At hoomy, we reduce the risk of damage: monitoring, insurance, dispute management, etc. We do all we can to look after your property!

Do you have a question about our rental management services?

  • Where does hoomy offer its services?

    We operate in many areas from the Breton coast to Arcachon Bay, including Nantes and the entire Atlantic coast. We even go as far as Val Louron in the Pyrenees. You can find a list of our concierge centres on our website. Do you have a second home in another location? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it, as we regularly set up in new areas. Yours could be next!

  • Can I rent out my second home?

    Yes, of course! You are perfectly entitled to rent out your second house or flat, as long as you declare this to the local city hall and the tax authorities and comply with the rules governing holiday lets in France.

  • Who manages the rental contracts and security deposits?

    Our dedicated rental management team communicates with travellers directly. It handles all rental contracts. As far as deposits are concerned, it's all done via our partner Tyllt, a trusted third party for the management of online deposits for holiday lets.

  • Ian

    Owner of three flats in Commequiers (Vendée)

Our customers say it best

  • « Before we found out about hoomy, we went through websites and magazines. It was getting increasingly complicated because we live in the Massif Central mountains. We have entrusted the management of our property to hoomy and everything is going really well. It’s a practical choice that gives us peace of mind. »

Boost your rental income!

hoomy optimises your rental income through effective management of your holiday home: pricing strategy, advertising on multiple platforms, responding to all booking requests, managing contracts and payments, gathering customer reviews, etc.